Saturday, September 16, 2006

Windows Run Commands

Windows Run Commands

I guess someone would want this cheat sheet of Windows Run Commands. Here they are all in one place!

Friday, September 15, 2006

How To Get Your Dream Gadget

How To Get Your Dream Gadget -
Some great information here, including new sites for price comparison. I had never heard of but I am going to check it out now!



This section has lots of links to software for those migrating from Windows to the Mac. Some of it is free, some is paid. This page is worth a look-see by anyone interested, or using, the Mac.

Chemistry software for the Mac

Macsimum News - Macsimum Migration Kit: chemistry software for the Mac, part III:

More on Mac software! Most of this is free stuff. Check it out.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grandview News

Grandview News -
From Will Richardson: "So here is another example of what elementary kids can do in terms of publishing text and audio to the Web. This is the Top of the Fold online newspaper that Grandview Elementary in Monsey, NY uses to publish student artwork, podcasts and more. The teachers have a lot to do with posting the work, but the idea is pretty simple: give kids the opportunity to share their work with wide audiences and have them teach to others what they themselves have learned."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Educational Freeware

Educational Freeware: "Welcome to! This site is dedicated to listings, descriptions and reviews of the best free educational software for kids and adults.

Some of the software is web based , and some is Windows software that you can download."


MacWireless - Widget for finding FREE wireless networks

Airport Radar is a really useful widget that will help you find available wireless networks. It’s created by the people at

It's only for those using OS X Tiger!!!

Lab Tick

Lab Tick

Since I got the Macbook Pro, I have become a MacAddict for sure! I will also be posting items here of interest for my Mac friends.

Lab Tick will help you with the backlit keyboard. It looks like it will allow you to adjust the brightness. Yes, it's free.

If you are a Mac person and have other freebies that we can use, please feel free to add them here or email them to me.

Handouts for The WikiLearning Project

7th Grade Social Studies GPS / Handouts for The WikiLearning Project: "PlagiarismHandout

Just starting out with wikis and want to learn more about them? Chuck Bennet has a number of resources available on his wiki that would be useful. Check them out.

Welcome to YouOS.

Welcome to YouOS.

YouOS is an experiment in a new kind of computing platform. Access from anywhere. Create a document at an office computer, drive home, continue right from where you left off. Built-in sharing. Instantly share music, documents and more with your friends and associates. An application community. Everyone from professional software engineers to high school age programmers can participate at no cost.

I have been playing around with the demo version and it is very interesting!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"How do I make my Google Calendar shareable?" from the Ask Dave Taylor! Tech Support Blog

"How do I make my Google Calendar shareable?"

This looks very interesting for web sites. I have a gmail account so I may just try this and see what happens...