Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Introducing Top Draw

Official Google Mac Blog: Introducing Top Draw:

"Top Draw is an image generation program just launched in the Google Mac Playground. By using simple text scripts, based on JavaScript, Top Draw can create surprisingly complex and interesting images. Even cooler is that the program has built-in support for installing any image of yours as your desktop image. There's a Viewer application you can install in the menu bar to automatically run with the parameters (such as script and update interval) that you've specified. And there's even a Screen Saver to display the scripts when your computer is taking a break."

Yes, it's free!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Download Free Mac Apps

App Donkey - Download Free Mac Apps

"AppDonkey is directory where you can find and download free applications for your Mac. You can either search for a software or browse AppDonkey database by category such as Audio & Multimedia, Communication, System Utilities, Grphics, Security, File Sharing etc.

AppDonkey has one really useful feature, while browsing the site you can keep adding programs you like to the virtual tray and then download all of them at once in a single .tar file."

Friday, September 26, 2008


TipLine - Gates' Computer Tips: [TIPS] webspiration:

"The popular concept mapping program, Inspiration, has gone online in Webspitation. I just opened it for the first time this AM and haven't had a chance to test it with others, but this web version allows for kids to collaborate on the same document! Yes, others have been doing that, but this is especially nice since so many kids have used Inspiration in school already. Should be an easy move to this version.

I don't know how many kids can collaborate on a document at one time, or any of the other particulars. But, this is one o check out, for sure, don't you think?"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Judge: School can suspend students over fake MySpace profile

Judge: School can suspend students over fake MySpace profile:

"A federal judge has ruled that a Pennsylvania school can suspend two eighth-graders who created a fake MySpace profile of their principal depicting him as a pedophile and a sex addict, among other things. The September 11 ruling said the students' civil rights were not violated despite their actions taking place off school grounds because the language used on the profile was 'lewd and vulgar,' and because it was akin to speech that promoted illegal actions. Given the recent prevalence of fake MySpace profiles meant to taunt or harass others at school, this ruling could help decide future cases related to student speech online."

"...The combination of social networking sites, disliked school administrators, and perceived anonymity may be too tempting for some disgruntled students to resist, but this case demonstrates that there are limits to what students can say online."

Professional Development

Professional Development | 21st Century Connections

"For technology integration to happen, educators must be well versed in the tools and know what they can do and where best to use them. There are many ways for educators to learn and practice their technology skills, and we hope to provide examples as models.

Sometimes tips are just the thing to get someone started, so this section will have tips and ideas to help educators use and integrate the tools."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Best free Backup Software for your PC

The Best free Backup Software for your PC | MakeUseOf.com:

"Losing your valuable files as a result of a hard drive failure, virus attack or even accidental file deletion can be very devastating. Whether it’s your photos, giant music collection, important documents - data loss is always costly and stressful. Hard drives always crash, it’s just a matter of time, therefore DO regular backups. Especially when there are so many free backup software options that can run regular backups automatically. Just set it once to run scheduled backups every week or so and forget about them. Then when disaster happens you will be able to restore your files in no time."

I was thinking…

I was thinking… - Learning to be me.: What I Want For My Children

Heidi Hass Gable:
"I’ve created a presentation about the things that I want for my children and from my children’s teachers.

My hope is that it will move you, it will motivate you, it will make you think and it will inspire you to get involved in your child’s education, to support your teachers and to be part of creating great schools!"

Her presentation is on youtube so you may not be able to view it at school. But definitely check it from home. It's very good!

Just another blog I have now subscribed to!

How Many Blogs Do I Read?

How many do I read daily? The number is now at 134 and growing. I use Bloglines as my aggregator so I can read my subscribed blogs no matter where I am.

If you want more information on how to use an aggregator, please contact me at the MHRIC!

Technology Affects New Forms of Writing | 21st Century Connections

Technology Affects New Forms of Writing | 21st Century Connections:

"Though concerns have been raised by some educators that the advent of certain new technologies, such as texting and instant messaging, indicates the downfall of written language, some professionals simply view these technologies as new avenues of communication that grant students more ease and familiarity with writing.

A recent article from Cleveland-based wkyc.com reports that the Westlake City School District in Westlake, Ohio, is having success at improving children's literacy skills through the use of blogging and podcasting. Kathleen Bartos, the elementary technology specialist for the Westlake district, teaches students to create blogs and podcasts about curriculum-based stories they read in class."

Copyright-friendly Digital Images and Media

PodPiper’s Digital Education » Blog Archive » Copyright-friendly Digital Images and Media:

"Educators and students want to be sure they find a site for images. Specifically, where to go for copyright-friendly digital images that can be used in educational projects. With Fair Use Guidelines, we have some latitude, but once we re-publish work or enter it into a contest, some of the language for Fair Use Guidelines is a little weaker. That’s why it’s essential we play it safe and avoid Google Images as much as possible when gathering images for educational purposes. Google is a search engine. They find the images you’re looking for, but they don’t tell you if those images are truly free to use. It’s up to the end user to figure out the copyright on each of those images. Far better t go to a site that is upfront on their copyright policies."

A nice great big list of sites is published here!

Internet Safety: Internet 101 - Blog and Diary Web sites

Internet Safety: Internet 101 - Blog and Diary Web sites

WiredSafety, Is A 501(c)(3) Program and the largest online safety, education and help group in the world. We are a cyber-neighborhood watch and operate worldwide in cyberspace through our more than 9,000 volunteers worldwide. (WiredSafety is run entirely by volunteers.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Twitter page used to pass malware

Twitter page used to pass malware | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET:

"In yet another new way to infect people, criminal hackers are using a Twitter page, according to one security researcher.

In a blog, Chris Boyd, director of malware research for Facetime, explained how a Twitter page is being used to lure victims. To lend credibility to his discovery, the Twitter page lists 17 followers, however each appeared to be fraudulent. Boyd said Twitter had been notified"

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 | Regain Your Privacy in Google Chrome

3 Steps to Regain Your Privacy in Google Chrome | MakeUseOf.com:

"Google’s new browser Chrome is causing quite a stir, especially among people worried about privacy and security.

Each installation of Chrome receives a unique ID number, which is submitted to Google, for example when the browser is updated or when the program crashes. In order to present personalized suggestions while the user is typing into the Omnibox, Google relies on an outside database. To feed the database and make these personalized suggestions possible, all entries are logged in combination with the user’s IP address.

Although Google claims that the ID and logs from the Omnibox are stored anonymously and are not being used to create user profiles that may reveal browsing habits and personal interests, doubts remain. As a matter of fact, users do not have any control over what the gathered information is really being used for. Trust is good, control is better."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New nanos to get spoken menus ...

New nanos to get spoken menus - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW):

"One of the interesting minor details on the iPod nanos released today is the inclusion of some new accessibility features. There's even an Accessibility section on the spec page, which notes the addition of spoken menus and an alternative larger font. The spoken menus 'allow listeners to hear many of the names of menus, song titles, and artists without viewing the screen.'"

CNBC talks with Steve Jobs

CNBC talks with Steve Jobs - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW):

"As usual, Steve Jobs sat down with the press after making a public product announcement. This time, it was with Jim Goldman, who asked Steve about the new iPods and his health."

Comparing the new iPod lineup ...

Comparing the new iPod lineup with the old lineup - more bang for the buck - Switch To A Mac:
"At Apple's 'Let's Rock' media event on Monday, a revamped iPod lineup was unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. A new version of the popular iTunes software (iTunes 8) was also unveiled.

Here's a look at a consolidated spec view of the new iPods"

iPod videos

Apple posts trio of iPod videos: "Apple has posted 2 new product tours, and an ad, for you to enjoy on your various media devices (all made by Apple, we assume).

The iPod nano QuickTour highlights all the cool new features added to the nano. You can watch as a nano is shaken to shuffle, and marvel at the new iPod UI.

The iPod Touch QuckTour highlights the new hardware touches like the dedicated volume control, and the new metallic backing. Games are also heavily featured, which adds more fun to the 'funnest iPod' (shudder).

Rounding out this trio of videos is the iPod nano commercial. iPod nanos, of all 9 hues, fall from the sky in a line and then start... dripping. It ends with the tagline 'nano-chromatic' and a color speckled Apple icon. "

iTunes 8 Released

Apple - Downloads - iPod + iTunes - iTunes 8:

"A store. A player. Your iPod or iPhone’s best friend. See how iTunes changes the way you enjoy music and video. Music, movies, TV shows, applications, podcasts, audiobooks. Download and enjoy all of them with iTunes. The new Genius button creates a playlist of other songs from your library."

So, I downloaded it and I like the changes in the program. The new bar across the top is pretty convenient for sorting your albums, artists, etc.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Useful Cheat Sheets

Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers - Six Revisions: "Cheat sheets (also known as reference cards, reference sheets, etc.) not only helps you remember things quickly, but can also serve as wall decoration for your workspace.

In this post, you’ll find 28 excellent, useful cheat sheets in various file formats for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, colors, typography, and other web-design related topics all in one page with pictures of each cheat sheet."

Monday, September 08, 2008

Rumor: iTunes 8

Rumor: iTunes 8 to include Genius recommender, grid view, new visualizer - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Rumors, rumors, rumors...but interesting ones...


Rumor: new visualizer in iTunes 8 to be Robert Hodgin's Magnetosphere - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): "Rumor: new visualizer in iTunes 8 to be Robert Hodgin's Magnetosphere"

I was able to find Magnetosphere for my Mac and it is just a fantastic visualizer for iTunes. To see what visualizers you have installed, select View, Visualizers.

Switch To A Mac

60 percent of freshman at Brandeis University have Macs, total Mac use rises to 40 percent - Switch To A Mac:

"The Justice, a student newspaper of Brandeis University, reports that 60 percent of incoming freshman have come to school with a Mac. This influx of Mac users has raised the school's Mac user base to 40 percent."