Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mac Users: Don't Leave Windows Open!

Don't leave the Windows open

If you are runninng Windows on your Mac, be careful. You are susceptible o all those Windows nasties...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

E-Learning For Free

E-Learning for Free - Information Service

Jane is now building an E-Learning for Free Information Service to create a one-stop place to access a variety of free resources not only to create different learning and performance solutions but to provide the best advice and best practice in doing so.

Check out her site withlinnks to lots of free tools, resources, content, and solutions.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Spinach Stracciatella Soup


I just may have to try this one! It looks easy and is from Epicurious.

Free Courses from iVillage

iVillage Courses
Free courses from iVillage. They don't require that you buy books or software. How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci sure looks intriguing.

Free is good. And these courses are very good.

OT: Self-Esteem Building

22 Tips for High Self-Esteem at Ririan Project:

Feel better just by reading them! Now, pick just one and put it into practice. One a week would be great. Okay, how about one a month?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Color Formats Confuse You?

Understanding Images: A Guide to Color Formats:

"Most Pantone colors are identified by a unique number, which is followed by a letter. The letter identifies what type of paper the Pantone color is optimized for, as colors – regardless of whether they are Pantone or CMYK — look different depending on the paper on which they are printed. In PMS, C stands for coated paper, U stands for uncoated paper, and M stands for matte paper."

Edit Online Videos


Take videos that are online and add effects to them. Try it...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Podcast Directory - Podcast directory

Looking for a public radio podcast? They sure list a lot of them here along with subscription directions and the RSS feeds. Great site and various topics from news to childrens' programs to classical music to more!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Picnik - edit photos the easy way, online in your browser

There is a free version and it works very well. Edit your photos online. Works with many photo sharing sites. Check it out and let us know how you like it!

New American History Site

Digital History
Utilizing digital and online technologies to teach different disciplines continues to be quite popular, and the Digital History website will be a most welcome find for teachers (and students) of American history. Developed in collaboration with the University of Houston, the Chicago Historical Society, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and several other entities the site includes an online American history textbook, an interactive timeline, a multimedia section, and a very rich selection of primary source materials.

Chat Lingo
Middle school teacher Julia Austin is noticing a new generation of errors creeping into her pupils’ essays. Sure, they still commit the classic blunders - like the commonly used "ain’t."

Friday, February 09, 2007


Will Richardson hits another homerun. Here's his list of 10 things we need to UNLEARN as educators if we are to progress:

  1. We need to unlearn the idea that we are the sole content experts in the classroom, because we can now connect our kids to people who know far more than we do about the material we’re teaching.
  2. We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well.
  3. We need to unlearn the idea that learning itself is an event. In this day and age, it is a continual process.
  4. We need to unlearn the strategy that collaborative work inside the classroom is enough and understand that cooperating with students from around the globe can teach relevant and powerful negotiation and team-building skills.
  5. We need to unlearn the idea that every student needs to learn the same content when really what they need to learn is how to self-direct their own learning.
  6. We need to unlearn the notion that our students don’t need to see and understand how we ourselves learn.
  7. We need to unlearn our fear of putting ourselves and our students “out there” for we’ve proven we can do it in safe, relevant and effective ways.
  8. We need to unlearn the practice that teaches all students at the same pace. Is it any wonder why so many of our students love to play online games where they move forward at their own pace?
  9. We need to unlearn the idea that we can teach our students to be literate in this world by continually blocking and filtering access to the sites and experiences they need our help to navigate.
  10. We need to unlearn the premise that real change can happen just by rethinking what happens inside the school walls and understand that education is now a community undertaking on many different levels.


Learning Is Messy Blog

Priceless...Skype's possibilities. Celeste has leukemia and can't go to school. Thanks to an innovative teacher and some wonderful kids, Celeste was able to attend her 4th class via a webcam.

Too many fears of technology at our schools....this is what happens when kids are taught the correct way to use it.

Watch this video.

OER Commons

Welcome to a worldwide learning network — OER Commons: How do you use a physics simulation or history lecture? By browsing resources, using tags, ratings, reviews, and sharing about teaching and learning, you are part of this open network of shared resources and practices, from K through college, from algebra to zoology - it's all free to use.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

All Videos....About Life, Wisdom, and Stuff...

VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film.

"Here at VideoJug we're all about sharing wisdom, knowledge and know-how. More and more users are adding their films to the thousands we're making. Below are some we really like. Do you have a how-to film you'd like to submit? Perhaps you make a brilliant curry or have some unique magic tricks. Whatever your knowledge, we'd love to see it, so go ahead and upload your film today."

Some great stuff here...including how to make a great first impression at a job interview.

French Students Will Get USB Sticks

French students to be given open-source software

I think this is a great idea. I run Portable Apps on 2 of my flash drives. I can do word processing, run FireFox with my own bookmarks, do some photo editing, spreadsheet work, etc., without using any applications on the host computer. Free. No charge. All open source. Check out for more information.

Chat With Others on Web Sites - No Software Install

"Gabbly is a chat service that allows you to chat around any webpage. Its free to use on your personal page or commercial webpage. Simply type in front of a webpages URL, you will be able to chat with anyone visiting the page at the same time! For example, to chat on, just visit in your browser. You will see the CNN website with the Gabbly Chat window floating on top."

Search with HUMAN Guide

ChaCha stands out as different and better in a landscape cluttered with common search engines because it uses the World's most powerful technology - The human brain. ChaCha's goal is to provide a better search experience by combining results that are hand-picked by our knowledgeable human guides with the best computer-generated search results. In those cases where you can't find what you need with their instant results, ChaCha will connect you with a live human guide who will find the information for you through an instant messaging-style search session.

Found thanks to Marcus P. Zillman


Geni - Everyone's Related

Geni is a unique approach to solving the problem of genealogy, which is the question of how everyone is related. Geni lets you create a family tree through our fun simple interface. When you add a relative's email address, he or she will be invited to join your tree. That relative can then add other relatives, and so on. Your tree will continue to grow as relatives invite other relatives. Each family member has a profile which can be viewed by clicking their name in the tree. This helps family members learn more about each other and stay in touch. Family members can also share information and work together to build profiles for common ancestors. Geni is a private network. Only the people in your tree can see your tree and your profile. Geni will not share your personal information with third parties.

Web Design Links

Web Design References

Lots of links...

Keep Our Children Safe

There are many sites disseminating information on how to keep our youngsters safe online and what to do if... here are a few:

WiredSafety - the world's largest Internet safety and help group

These sites also have links to other sites with lots of information and hotlines. They are designed not just for educators, but also for parents, grandparents, and children of all ages.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

It only takes 4 minutes and 31 seconds to watch this. It really is well worth your time...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Free Audio Extractor - PC only

Free Audio Extractor
AoA Audio Extractor provides you a handy tool to extract audio/sound or background music from video files. Yes, it's a freebie.

This could come in handy. Now, if it could only make those audio files into text files!