Monday, March 17, 2008

Name Mangler- Mac only

If you need to rename several files at once every now and then, this is the application you have always been looking for. Name Mangler is a batch file renamer that supports all common renaming tasks: Find and Replace (including support for regular expressions); Number Sequentially; Change Case; Set Extension; Add Prefix/Suffix; Remove/Insert Characters. is an awesome utility that allows you to quickly and easily change batches of file names quickly. Thia is for OS 10.5. Anything earlier, look for File List on their site.

This is one I am going to get. When working on photo galleries for web sites, I wind up manually changing all the file names from DSC-9435 to 001.jog, 002.jpg, etc. This looks like it might be a real timesaver for me!

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