Monday, January 05, 2009

PicLens for PPT

The Cooliris Blog » Blog Archive » Slide Into PicLens For Your Next Presentation

"That big multimedia presentation’s coming up, and you’re just about ready. A little nervous, a little excited, a little strung out on caffeine – but you’re not worried.

You know your presentation is going to stand out from the pack. You’re letting PicLens from the Cooliris Team add seamless navigation to your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Tons of users have asked us how to use PicLens’ 3D Wall effect on their presentations for college courses, business meetings, and conferences. In fact, here at Cooliris, we do all our presentations with PicLens. Using PicLens to show your presentation makes it super easy to navigate back and forth among tons of slides."

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