Friday, February 06, 2009

One to watch…

One to watch… | Finding Common Ground: "One to watch…"

From a blog: Tipline: Gates' Computer Tips:

"I wanted to get permission before I made this post. Remember the story and link to the girl who did the performance art piece for Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday? Well, in the words of the infamous Paul Harvey, "Now it's time for the REST of the story."

This is a story that's fun to tell, as it always gets the "Ahhhh"'s from the group. I've even seen tears. What's your reaction?

First, if you didn't do it before, go back and watch that video on Michelle's blog. Now you'll know the girl I'm talking about.

Michelle told the story of how she talked to the girl's mother recently, and her mother told this story which I'll re-tell to the best of my recollection. (This was at Educon at 10:00pm - or later - so you'll have to grant me some wiggle room here. )

It seems that when this girl was just four years old her mother found her outside in the yard, staring up at the sky. "What are you doing", her mother asked. "I'm just looking at God's painting.", she replied."

Please take 5 minutes out and watch this talented young lady.

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