Wednesday, September 10, 2008

iPod videos

Apple posts trio of iPod videos: "Apple has posted 2 new product tours, and an ad, for you to enjoy on your various media devices (all made by Apple, we assume).

The iPod nano QuickTour highlights all the cool new features added to the nano. You can watch as a nano is shaken to shuffle, and marvel at the new iPod UI.

The iPod Touch QuckTour highlights the new hardware touches like the dedicated volume control, and the new metallic backing. Games are also heavily featured, which adds more fun to the 'funnest iPod' (shudder).

Rounding out this trio of videos is the iPod nano commercial. iPod nanos, of all 9 hues, fall from the sky in a line and then start... dripping. It ends with the tagline 'nano-chromatic' and a color speckled Apple icon. "

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