Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Copyright-friendly Digital Images and Media

PodPiper’s Digital Education » Blog Archive » Copyright-friendly Digital Images and Media:

"Educators and students want to be sure they find a site for images. Specifically, where to go for copyright-friendly digital images that can be used in educational projects. With Fair Use Guidelines, we have some latitude, but once we re-publish work or enter it into a contest, some of the language for Fair Use Guidelines is a little weaker. That’s why it’s essential we play it safe and avoid Google Images as much as possible when gathering images for educational purposes. Google is a search engine. They find the images you’re looking for, but they don’t tell you if those images are truly free to use. It’s up to the end user to figure out the copyright on each of those images. Far better t go to a site that is upfront on their copyright policies."

A nice great big list of sites is published here!

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